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Hello! I am Joanna Wilson (Punkin), the owner of Punkin's Pies Sweet Treats! The name Punkin was given to me by my older brother as a child. Since then, that has been my name, called by family and friends. I have had the passion to make others happy and put a smile on their faces from my cooking and baking since I was a young girl.

Helping my mom bake Sweet Potato Pies for Thanksgiving was always the highlight of my holidays! I HAVE NEVER TASTED ONE BETTER THAN HERS! She would make them for church functions and dinners. People would RAVE over mom's Sweet Potato Pies! Pregnant women would crave them and of course, mom would bake one for them.


After marrying the love of my life MARK L. WILSON SR,
I began mimicking my mom's famous Sweet Potato Pie. I would start the process of all I remembered by helping my mom during the holidays. After tasting the batter, it  WOULD NOT taste like mom's. So, I would call her up. She would run all of the steps by me. I was always missing an ingredient. Finally, I was able to get the Sweet Potato Pie perfect (without calling her) enough to take mom's place as she got older. Once people tasted my pies they began to place orders. I would sell over 20 pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now, I'm selling over 100 pies during the holidays! That is how the name Punkin's Pies came about!

After having 3 sons and 2 daughters, my oldest daughter and I began to make white chocolate strawberries. One day we made some and posted them on Facebook. One person saw them and asked us to make them some and offered to pay. After that person made a thank you post with a picture of the strawberries, others began to order. People started submitting ideas of all sorts of strawberries including Strawberry Crunch, which is the all time favorite and others. Many other items came about as friends and family sent ideas for me to try. More and more people started ordering which caused me to officially get registered with the state of Indiana. In June 2019 Punkin's Pies became licensed and registered as a decadent, petite, bakery.

Punkin's Pies Sweet Treats
Making Life A Little Sweeter!

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